Ceridian World Tour

The future of work is already here. Stay ahead of the curve by attending an exclusive event designed for leaders. The Ceridian World Tour will be an event like no other – a world-class live event, as well as a rich virtual experience, so that you can attend the World Tour in the way that suits you best – wherever you are.

  • Network with other executives in similar roles, regions, and industries.
  • Get hands-on experience with the latest Dayforce innovations.
  • Get access to Ceridian leaders, domain experts, and partners.
  • Stream select sessions from the live event for free.
  • Access online-only videos, including interviews with thought-leaders.
  • Download helpful reports, guides, and other resources.


MGM Grand Resort

3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(877) 880-0880

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Agenda Highlights


Monday, Oct. 4:

Before the Ceridian World Tour officially kicks off, we’ll be holding Dayforce FIT, a training session exclusively for Dayforce administrators. Learn more about Dayforce FIT here.

Tuesday, Oct. 5: Join Ceridian’s Chairman and CEO, David Ossip, for an engaging opening keynote:

  • Explore current and future trends that are shaping our new world of work.
  • Hear from top global business leaders who are leaning into change and creating value in a borderless, fluid, always-on workplace.

Dayforce FIT also continues on Tuesday.
There will be an exclusive experience for prospective customers.

Wednesday, Oct. 6:

Join the innovation keynote to hear Ceridian’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Joe Korngiebel:

  • Discover how the latest Dayforce innovations are powering a more intelligent approach to human capital management.
  • Explore the intelligent technologies that are driving the future of pay, HR, talent, and workforce management.
  • Hear from special guest speakers, to be announced soon.

This day will also feature in-depth breakout sessions on key topics to set you up for success in the new world of work. Topics will include:

  • Managing, paying, and inspiring a global workforce in a borderless world
  • How modern technology is changing the world of pay
  • Hire faster and hire better with advancements in talent management
  • Build culture and collaboration in a hybrid workplace
  • Manage compliance complexity as your business expands to new geographies
  • Strategies to become a diversity and inclusion leader
  • Overcome the “great resignation” and retain your top people in a competitive market

We’ll also have exciting speakers, to be announced soon.

Thursday, Oct. 7:

A special day just for Dayforce customers. Join us for:

  • An exclusive deep-dive into our product roadmap.
  • Hear from other customers on how they got the most out of Dayforce.
  • Listen to an inspiring keynote speaker, to be announced soon



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