6 Common Data Migration Mistakes to Avoid

According to Gartner, 83% of data migration projects fail or exceed budgets and schedules. The hardest part of moving to new systems or auditing existing systems is getting the data right.

Don’t fall for the trap. Be part of the 17% by avoiding the common data migration traps and pitfalls that cause problems, cost overruns and delays. Don’t let customer data migration challenges stand between you and success.

Data Migration: Six Common Costly Mistakes

1: Insufficient preparation

  • Incomplete readiness on success requirements and a false sense of high data quality
  • Lack of focus on data being the most critical element of the implementation
  • Data migration planning takes a back seat to general implementation concerns

2: Underestimating work effort

  • Costs and resource requirements are obscured
  • Results in late-breaking surprises, and last-minute scrambling

3: Underestimating complexity

  • Required data can be spread across multiple systems, in multiple formats
  • Tying everything together is a greater challenge than most realize
  • Lack of specialized migration software tools means heavy lifting (complex, manual, error-prone and repetitive tasks)

4: Underestimating risk

  • Failures, mistakes, and delays put your business at risk
  • Longer projects and rework mean excess costs and downstream negative business impacts
  • Expert help eliminates risk by mitigating data migration problems

5: Data migration can overwhelm internal HR resources

  • Clients try taking on too much themselves
  • HR teams do not truly know what they are signing up for, and whether they are equipped to do this task in a timely manner
  • Trying to power through it only stretches and stresses staff

6: Not capitalizing on opportunities to drive additional strategic benefits

  • Structuring data for new business opportunities as an additional outcome of the migration.

Data issues are complex, time-consuming and can be detrimental. We are here to help you avoid these mistakes and complete your data migrations faster, more accurately and at lower costs. Contact us online, call 904.719.8264 or email info@theptsteam.com.

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