Accelerate Digital Transformation with Staff Augmentation

So, what’s an organization with lofty goals but limited resources to do? How about to look for help externally?

Forty-four percent of companies augment staff with onsite or remote professionals through IT service providers, according to a Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper about how innovation leaders need IT Services to drive transformative outcomes, which was commissioned by Dell EMC.

In doing so, companies have increased IT staff productivity by 26% while reducing overall costs by 17%, Forrester found. Given such returns, 83% of companies are increasing the augmentation of IT staff with onsite expertise.


Focus on Innovation

“To achieve digital transformation, companies must decide how to utilize their IT staff, whether on standard maintenance activities or innovation tasks that could impact the way the company interacts with customers, employees, and stakeholders,” Forrester researchers wrote.

“As the landscape continues to change, organizations need to focus on achieving top-line business results while transforming their staffing models and acquired deployment/support services.”

More than one-third of IT staff time has shifted to innovation or more strategic initiatives when companies have engaged an outside vendor for technology planning, deployment, installation, and implementation services, Forrester noted. This large transition in time is significant given that only 36% of companies say they have the right number of IT professionals for their transformation efforts.


The Help You Need

Though digital transformation is vital for companies, their internal IT staff can’t work on it because they are busy with keep-the-lights-on work. IT staff spend 20% of their time on the planning, deployment, installation, and implementation of technology, according to Forrester’s research. Staff augmentation firms can relieve much of that burden, thereby freeing internal resources to focus on innovation and transformation.

HRIT staffing firms provide unique contract or contract-to-hire professionals so that you can add resources without hiring extra staff. These consultants have the skills to fill gaps in HR knowledge you may need to transform your organization. They elevate your current staffing and provide you with resources who have the abilities that you are missing.

Companies that specialize in HRIT staffing can be particularly helpful given their domain-specific expertise. They can bring best practices in HR Data Migration, HR Automation, System Implementation, HR Report Developing, Configuration, System Modification and any other HCM, ERP, and CRM solution needs.

Investing in staff augmentation services will help you transform your organization faster. This will increase your return on investment in IT by improving organizational efficiency as well as the experiences of customers and employees.

Providence Technology Solutions helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR functions by aligning technology and processes with their business needs. Learn how we could help your organization improve your employee experience through our HCM Consulting services.

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